UPDATE-13NOV-More levels work-Upto Green.

An early prototype on the concept of mixing aptitude question in a platforming game.The graphics surely need a work,from scratch on!:P If anybody is interested in drawing the few sprites for the game please let me know!

Controls need to be optimized.Level design and relative sizing requires a lot of work too.As I said, this is an early prototype. Two levels work for now.

For users with a physical keyboard, the arrow keys move the player. For players using touch screen, the arrow keys are invoked by tapping at the screen. Thus left side=left, centre below =down, right side=right and above the down button there is the move up button.

Click/touch on the main title menu to start. Reach all the professors,and answer their questions. Then head for the exit. Don't get your blood splattered by the hitman professors!